Page 1 - The girls lie awake in darkness

Candle Light

science, vision

Man's Relationship with Fire

science, vision, religion

Page 2 - The girls contemplate teasing their mother

Victorian Pranks

culture, 19th Century, humor

A colllection of Victorian Puns

culture, 19th Century, humor

Page 3 - The girls plan their future

Marriage Age

religion, law, ceremony

The Reasonable Expectations of Farm Girls

culture, family, 19th Century

Page 4 - The girls plan an adventure

The Erie Canal

travel, trade

Page 5 - Someone is coming!

Page 6 - Mother checks on the girls


sleep, family

19th Century Sleep Patterns

sleep, culture,19th Century

Page 7 - Mother tries to calm her fear

Belief in Ghosts

ghosts, religion

Page 8 - The girl's grand plans takes shape

Facial Hair of the 19th Century

grooming, etiquette

Page 9 - But how will the girls entertain themselves tonight?

April Fools Day

language, humor

Page 10 - Kate offers to quiet the ghosts

Communicating with Ghosts

language, ghosts

Page 11 - The ghosts respond to Kate

John Wesley's Ghost

religion, ghosts, 19th Century

Page 12 - Kate's conversation with the ghosts

Night Fisherman

night, food

Page 13 - The next night at the Fox House

The Burned Over District

religion, 19th Century, New England

The Great Disappointment

religion, 19th Century, New England

Page 14 - Neighbors loiter outside the Fox House

Page 15 - Hundreds gather outside the Fox House

Andrew Jackson Davis

spiritualism, religion, New England

Page 15 - All of Hydesville wants to talk to the spirits

The Popularization of Science

science, 19th Century

The Strange Experiences of the Weekman Family

ghosts, New England

Page 16 - The Fox's leave their house

Haunted Houses

ghosts, culture, 19th Century

Page 17 - The spirits follow

Page 18 - "The Spirits" demand to see the world.

The Spirits Temporarily Leave

skepticism, religion, Fox Story Details

Page 19 - Rochester welcomes the Fox Sisters.


religion, childhood

Rochester the Boomtown

culture, New England, trade

Page 20 - Many are convinced that the girls have supernatural powers.

Isaac and Amy Post

abolitionism, 19th Century, New England

Page 21 - The girls begin to make famous friends.

John C. Calhoun

politics, ghosts

Page 22 - In their seances, the girls talk to the famous dead.

The Spirit Telegraph

politics, ghosts

The Ubiquitous Ghost of Ben Franklin

politics, ghosts

Page 23 - The Fox Mother worries about her haunted daughters.

Grandma Ruttan

ghosts, death, Fox Story Details

Page 23 - The seances become more elaborate.

The people who hold seances: Media or Mediums?

ghosts, death, Fox Story Details

How could Mediums lift tables?

ghosts, death, Fox Story Details

Page 24 - The girls begin to feel the weight of their fraud.

Page 25 - At least they are in this together.