A Reporter Investigates the Rapping Spirits

Within days, news of the rappings had spread throughout New York state. E.E.Lewis, a journalist from Canandaigua immediately traveled to Hydesville to begin investigating. In his first reports, he made clear that the citizens of Hydesville were not easily duped. He described its residents as a "large, intelligent, and candid community" of respectable Americans.

"Hundreds have been there," lawyer E. E. Lewis wrote about the Fox's Hydesville home, "skeptics who assume they would quickly discover a ruse. These doubters "have first carefully examined the premises; have gone into the ghostly presence, still incredulous and disposed to treat the affair with levity, have held converse with the unknown one, until the cold sweat oozing from every pore has coursed down their limbs, and they have been compelled to acknowledge that they felt themselves in the presence of one from the spirit-country."

The passages above were taken from "A Report of the Mysterious Noises Heard in the House of John D. Fox, in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County.", a pamphlet Lewis published later that year.